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New DIY Premium Bone Broth & SIBO Spice Kit

Now available in SIBO/IBS friendly, low FODMAP recipe.  

Want to make your own gourmet bone broth whenever you want it? We’ve made it easy with our spice mix and DIY bone broth instructions. The kit contains premium air dried veggies and spices.

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Buy Gourmet Bone Broth or Make It

“I’ve been successfully making and selling bone broth to natural grocery stores for several years, and now I’m giving you a quick and affordable way to make my gourmet bone broth in your kitchen. With my mix of premium ingredients, you can make it right at home, or purchase it premade.”  

– Beth

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  • Brain Support

    Drink bone broth and the amino acid called glycine may help your brain relax and get to sleep after a stressful day.

  • Joint Health

    Consume bone broth to deliver collagen and nutrients to your joints, supporting healthy connective tissues. 

  • Immune Support

    Boost your immune system. Bone Broth contains glutathione which keeps your immune system strong and helps build muscle.

  • Gut Health

    Soothe your stomach and support the integrity of your gut lining by consuming bone broth regularly.

Benefits of the Spice Kit

Long Shelf Life

Keep veggie spice kits in your pantry to make bone broth whenever you need it most. Always available.


Skip the spendy, pre-made boxed bone broth and avoid extra trips to the grocery store for veggies.

Perfect Taste

The spice kit has the perfect mix of delicious ingredients, ensuring a perfect gourmet bone broth taste every time.

Easy to Make

Simple five step process: measure your bones, roast, mix, cook, and strain. Works best in an Instant Pot.

  • Turmeric

    Turmeric has long been a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine for centuries. We use turmeric in our bone broth because of the flavor, as well as the fact that it has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

  • Shiitake Mushroom

    Shiitake Mushroom is a crucial ingredient in our bone broth because of it’s savory taste. The compounds in this mushroom are also shown to support immunity and heart health.

  • Air Dried Veggies

    Air dried carrots and celery are staple ingredients in bone broth. Of all the food processing techniques, air drying maintains 97% of the nutrition as compared to fresh vegetables.

  • Collagen

    Whether from adding bones in with the spice mix, or purchasing one of Beth’s pre-made bone broth varieties, your body will use collagen to support your gut barrier, skin, connective tissue, bones, joints and cartilage.

What Customers Say About Our Spice Kit

"I’ve read the food labels on the boxed broths and stocks at Safeway (never knowing most of them contain gluten and many other ingredients that don’t sit well with my body).  There is simply NO comparison between Beth’s broth and the stuff in a can or box. Her’s blows it away in every category – starting with taste!"  –  Heather Nielsen, Counselor/Health Coach, Healthy Connections Functional Medicine, Hood River, OR.

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Locally Sourced Vendors

Our ingredients are sourced in the Pacific Northwest from trusted ranchers and farmers and produced locally in the Pacific Northwest.

Carman Ranch

Diestel Farms

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